Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hello and Welcome to my Blogg

Hi everybody and welcome to my blogg!!!! If this is your first time visiting my blogg then you are reading my very first post! I have been thinking about starting this blogg for some time now and finally got the nerve to do it. I don't really call myself a writer so I'm hoping that I don't lose you by the end of the first paragraph.

If you had asked me five years ago if I'd some day be writing a blogg the answer probably would have been "no" however things changed dramatically in my life and here I am writing it. What changed in my life was that I was diagnosed with a disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS for short. Some people or some doctors will call it RSD. The easiest way to explain it is that it's a neurological disorder that affects your limbs, causing chronic pain, swelling, along with other symptoms. My left hand and left ankle have been affected and at the moment don't have the use of them.

The changes that have happened in my life and in my families life over the past five years have been unbelievable and as time has gone on the desire to write about the challenges, and changes has only gotten stronger and stronger. During this time I have also come to realize that the support for people suffering from chronic conditions like this is very limited. This is another reason for starting this blogg because I would really like to connect with other people that either have the same condition as myself or with other's dealing with chronic illness.

Other posting's that I will make will get into the different aspects of how my life has changed or how I deal with the day to day pain. Some posts will simply be about how that given day has gone.

Unless you are living with this condition you truly don't understand what a person goes through while trying to live your life to some form of normalcy. One thing however that I never lose site of is that I have to stay positive about my situation and that some day I may regain use of my limbs. Having a positive attitude and trying to stay focused on getting better has to be at the front of my mind. Does that mean that I'm not allowed to have a pity party for myself every once and a while???? Absolutely not!!! You have to allow your emotions out every once and a while. What I'm saying is always have a positive attitude that you will get better.

I want to have fun with this blogg so some posts will be funny and hopefully make you laugh and others will have a more serious side if I want to get a point across. I really look forward to making all kinds of new friends in the blogging community and also enjoying there bloggs. I hope that you didn't find todays post really heavy or boring however I wanted to give you an idea about what my focus with this blogg will be on.


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  1. Excellent Ross! Welcome to the big wide Blogosphere!


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